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hasznalt kurtoskalacs suto piac

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bufekocsi teljes felszerelessel

Büfékocsi teljes felszereléssel sürgősen eladó

családi okok miatt áron alul 1 650 000 Ft-ért!

A kocsi 4.5 m hosszú, 2000 kg összsúlyú, felujitva, rozsdamentes pultokkal,
fritőzzel, vizzel, villannyal, hibátlan állapotban azonnal vihető,
ha kéred, akár vizsgával is!



success-2" I have been dealing with chimney cake baking for a couple of years now. When I was buying the machine I was very angle of the efficiency and the quality.
Luckily I found from all out of the companies, who started to deal with these products firstly. The family has several patents, and appeard on the international market  in 1950, with their first machine, a cotton candy maker. Since then, they have 15 machine developments, and their products are the only ones in the world, where only one or two people can produce 1000 products with a 2,9 USD (2,16 EUR) prime cost, and they can maintain it in a long term. This Jolly Joker Machine Set is a development by the Sweet Metal Tech Ltd. The company is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of this product. Thanks to that, for example at the Wine days in Balatonboglár, at the flower carnival in Debrecen, at the Rider Days in Hortobágy, and at many more events - which last 5-7 days - we can generate 9 000 - 14 000 USD (6 600 - 10 000 EUR) on a regular basis."

The margin of the product is very profitable; the enrty costs are only 10% of the total, and this is all the costs because for that kind of capacity, even 6 person wouldn't be enough at normal standards.
You can only understand the fantastic benefits of this fact, if you already own this machine set.
We don't have long lines to stand in front of our desks, one person will be served in less than one minute, so the other customers also will come to our desks from the similar suppliers - even if they had 5 employees, they wouldn't perform as well as by our desk.


This is why our business has been on the top class and it became profit oriented with 100% profitability. Each products are at the same high quality and the recipes are also set with the best sophistication. That is why our products are delicious and the customers like this hungaricum all over the world so much.

It was a good choice for thousands of customers, from more than 40 countries, who have orfered from this company since 1950. However, not everyone can order four Jolly Joker Sets, even it has a 10 year warranty on the product, and they help in the developement a lot, they share their new ideas with us and so far they always had a good solution for everything.

This is also their motto and it is so true - we give you solution, not only the machine.